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Plantar Reflexology with Shea butter




Plantar reflexology is a massage technique applied mainly on the feet and is based on the principle that all the organs, glands and parts of the body are reflected on the feet.

In each foot there are, in fact, 7,200 nerve endings that weave extensive connections, through the spinal cord and the brain, with all parts of the body.
It is precisely the nerve impulses that allow to reach the organ or the organs that, stimulated through the foot massage, are released and then rebalanced. By applying the reflexology massage one can then have an effect or influence the organ corresponding to the stimulated reflex.

To massage the reflex zone it is sufficient to place the foot on the opposite knee and with one hand apply pressure on the painful points, to be effected by the rotary movement of the fingers. The pressure of the points is alternated with a total relaxing massage on the entire foot.

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30 min, 60 min