Sa Lak Sen

The term Sa Lak Sen means a massage that stimulates the SEN SIB lines through the use of traditional instruments.

This type of massage was born in the thirteenth century AD, in the city of Chiang Rai, in the region that was part of the kingdom of Lanna. It remained unknown until about 7 years ago, when the master Nantanaa Sapsuan revised the techniques and spread them in the province of Ang Thong.

The peculiarity of this massage is the use of particular wooden wedges, which are hit with a rubber hammer. Master Nantanaa Sapsuan combined these techniques with traditional Thai massage and some orthopedic techniques.

This massage technique allows a more effective stimulation of the SEN SIB lines. In some points, in fact, these are difficult to achieve with traditional techniques, while the use of wedges makes it possible to perform localized stimulations that are shorter and at the same time more effective.