Traditional Thai Massage

Before starting, the customer needs are investigated. Both the masseur and the customer must wear comfortable clothes to help the movements. the massage is taken on a mattress on the floor.

The masseur, before starting the massage, makes theWai Khru ( “ceremonial greeting”, then gets the needed concentration by kneeling close to the customer.

After this, the masseur puts the palm of the right hand on the belly, which is (according to the Chinese medicine) the centger of the human being.

After the ritual, the massage begins, using a rythim coordinated with the customer respiration, thus taking him in a deep harmony.

The masseur can feel customer pulsations, cradling him kindly and rhythmically before starting with the stretching and pushing. Controlling the pulsations helps both masseur and customer to concentgrate, whereas the rhythmic cradling helps the customer to gradually release himself.