TuiNa (Chinese 推拿, pinyin tūiná, from 推 tūi, push and 拿 , catch) is an oriental massage based on Chinese medicine. This technique is mostly based on the vision of the patient, who has his own “interior energy”.

Like in all the other treatments of Chinese medicine, sickness is seen as a leak in the “equilibrium between energies” (this concept is not scentifically explained); there are several reasons that can cause a the disequilibria, and are divided in “external” (climate), “internal” (psychological and emotional states) and “neither internal, nor external” (life style, feeding).

In Chinese medicine, the “human energies” flow in “preferred paths”, called energy channels, or Meridians. Several Meridians are described, and everyone is specified in one or few types of energy. The most known and used are the Main Channels. Every meridian can be interpreted as a line connecting some points, the same points used in acupressure.