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"Perché correre affannosamente qua e là senza motivo? Tu sei ciò che l’esistenza vuole che tu sia. Devi solo rilassarti." -Osho- Ritrova grazie ai nostri trattamenti il tuo vero essere, abbandonando affanni, stress e pensieri negativi e riscoprendo il tuo benessere. Scegli il massaggio più giusto per te!

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Traditonal Thai Massage




Normally, before the beginning of a session, a medical history is made about the client’s needs. To allow ease of movement, both those who practice it and those who receive it must wear comfortable clothes. All the work is done on a mat on the ground.

At the beginning of the massage the masseur normally performs the Wai Khru or “ceremonial salute”, then focuses for a few moments kneeling next to the client, then places the palm of his right hand on his belly which, according to Chinese medicine, is the center of the human being. Then the massage begins at a coordinated rhythm with the receiver’s breathing to bring him into a state of harmony.

Those who practice Thai massage will also be able to feel the client’s pulse and will gently and rhythmically cradle it before starting to apply the stretches and pressures. Controlling the pulsation helps to concentrate both the client and the masseur, while the rhythmic cradle inserts the client in a natural rhythm and allows him to let himself go gradually.

This type of massage is performed by clothes, without the use of oil and without “dirtying” the body. On request, balm can be applied in particularly painful areas